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Quarantine, not so bad!

Learn to be alone

Initially when the lock down was initiated by the government, I was not ready to accept the situation because I hate to be alone. First few days went by slackly all that I did was sleeping, Netflixing, eating, watching makeup tutorials, scrolling shopping sites, etc. After a week or so, I hated myself living life without any purpose. Whoa! don't jump into the conclusion, purpose doesn't mean that achieving great thing or doing something big. I meant leading life without gratitude and happiness.

So, I thought this lock down will be over in a week. Sadly, it didn't. Then I started thinking what do I do all alone during lock down without anyone around. I made a list with all the things that I want to do before I die cause, actually I thought I would die. Initially I was in touch with few people with who I spend most of the time before the lock down. Now slowly things started falling apart. Then I learnt to be alone and to do something that adds value to my life. Started exercising and lost 10 kilos of weight and started high protein diet. I experienced my body transformation and I thought to myself "It isn't that bad to be alone"

Great Realizations

  • I hate cooking but only cooked for my survival.

  • I can lead life without shopping

  • Traffic is one of the causes of my stress

  • Feeling of being away from negative people is just awesome

  • Happiness lies within us

  • I can be a plant mom

Some habits that changed my life

One of my greatest achievement is loosing weight in a healthy way. Learnt cooking some quick dishes within 15 mins (you can ask me tricks). Started writing my journal everyday before hitting bed. Started finding happiness in small things like waiting for a sprout from a seed when sown with love, joy in learning guitar, making hands dirty while attempting to paint, decorating and making few changes in the house, growing spiritually stronger. Here I take a moment to thank YouTube for helping me learn all these things.

Lessons that I have learnt

Life is beyond what we always imagine. It is never late to learn and achieve something. Most importantly, peace lies in loving your own company.

Take out all the negative things and negative people ruthlessly and love your self. Be-all (Be yourself) and End-all (Negativity).

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